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Taken From The Staten Island Advance East Shore Edition

Thursday May 6th, 2010

LOCAL FLAVOR: Dogs dig ice-cream

By Tevah Platt

May 06, 2010, 10:42AM

Petsvilla in New Dorp serves up frozen treats for dogs. They are prepackaged in little white cups that would normally come with a disposable wooden spoon. Sweet Spots flavors, made with canine friendly ingredients, are a favorite of four-legged regulars. STATEN ISLAND ADVANCE/TEVAH PLATT STATEN ISLAND, NY - NEW DORP - I scream, you scream, now Fido screams for – yes, doggie ice cream.

arrowPetsvilla in New Dorp serves up frozen treats, prepackaged in little white cups that would normally come with a disposable wooden spoon.

arrow But lacking thumbs, Darla, Alfalfa and Fergus used their paws, their tongues and their disarming power of cuteness to beg for, win, open and devour treats kept in a freezer in the store on New Dorp Lane.

arrow Regular ice cream will make dogs sick, but this brand, “Sweet Spots,” manufactured by Nature’s Variety, is made with dog-friendly ingredients.

arrow Petsvilla stocks two flavors: Peanut butter and honey, and sweet potato and molasses.

arrow The sweet potato treat contains seven ingredients: Buttermilk, sweet potatoes, molasses, whey protein, egg yolks, fruit pectin and live yogurt cultures.

arrow The box marks the treats as “not intended for human consumption,” but this recklessly curious reporter can tell you this recipe is in no way disgusting, but too bland for the human palate.

arrow Her lab-mix, Fergus, however, communicated with tail and fervor that, for dogs, this stuff is the goods. And plenty of East Shore dogs agree.

arrow Duncan, a 75-poung Ridgeback-mix from Dongan Hills, was so bonkers for the treat that he ate the cup, said his owner, Angela Caruso.

arrow When summer arrives, the treats are so popular that store owner Georgeann Galasso stocks extra boxes in her own freezer in Grant City.

arrow The ice-cream sells for $2 each, or $7.50 for a box of four.

arrow “Ice cream is becoming bigger and bigger in the dog world,” said store manager Lauren Galasso, whose customers love spoiling their pets. “What we like for ourselves, that’s what we’d like for them.”
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